Woensdag, 03 April 2013

Acer Iconia Tab A500-10S16u Tablet

The Iconia in daily use, I have the tab for several days now in personal commitment. About the various advantages and disadvantages of the technical equipment has already written much about the well 3.0.1 is not currently updated Honeycomb and the associated problems. I will limit myself to personal impressions and experiences in daily use of the tab.

WLAN reception: - No problems for me. For me, a cheap router is in the house and I also have three rooms away yet immaculate reception (50%) at the same table in the office.

Display: - My display has no errors and is primarily indoors, the picture is clear and rich in contrast and the colors are brilliant dar. overall I could not say that I could rotate the tab from a rope - maybe there are better displays, but is thein daily use really play such a role? If you message not always flush with the scraps you have on display anyway Fingertips that cloud the brilliance.Who cares should applaud a film about it - this reduces (depending on the film) wegbekommen supposedly this problem, but it never. For me it is the only not so dramatic (and film) - if I have too many valor on it, I just simply wipe the screen briefly (with the included cloth) from, so I'm sure but no head.

Outdoor: - Of course you can / should we sit down with the tab not the case that one of the sun in the back and it just seems to display. Then you can still see very little - I think that is logical and therefore no real criticism - no tab will play there. Hovering the tab in the shade, although there are occasional reflections (depending on how you hold it), you can use it without problems.I've used different games and e-reader, without me after prolonged use, the eye doctor had.

Battery: The battery lasts m.M. very long. I also have an Android smartphone - here I must at the latest after 24 h of electricity (even without much use times). The tab has (see surfing, games, e-Reader, images, constantly connected with wireless Internet) at 5-6 h of continuous use and 48 hours without turning off (in standby when not in use) is still almost 30% battery capacity. Charging is also quite fixed (2-3 h). These are values ??that are for me personally more than adequate and satisfactory. Of course one should keep various battery-eating apps in mind and also actively take care of the "Battery Management" by killing senseless power hogs. Activate the flight mode and turning on only when needed to help the wireless ever in principle to extend the battery life.

No 3G: Find open wireless access points are now already in many places. The tab recognizes this and I have had no problems also, get into various open wireless networks. If no WLAN is available, I still have my Android-powered smartphone, with which I can provide at any time via a wireless tethering.Here too, everything works without problems and the tab is immediately in my personal network. For me, the lack of 3G is therefore not a criticism - quite the contrary. The tab is thus cheaper to buy it and fall for me at no additional cost for daily use. Who the comfort of your own 3G access would have on the tab will wait for the 3G version, and thus certainly be happy.

Weight / Handling: Yes, the thing weighs three quarters of a kilogram. This is evident in the long run, of course, and sooner or later you have to support themselves somehow. Question is whether the ev-600g with a tab for only a few minutes later, just as is, and whether this is such a crucial factor in fact that might influence the purchase? I find the tab control at your fingertips, it is of course a matter of habit. Whether the tab is now one of "heavy", or another is to keep better, well need to decide for themselves. The hands / fingers / power of each individual are different and therefore the subjective impressions that each individual gains for himself the daily handling of the tab.

Conclusion: The purchase decision was correct. For me, this tab is the ideal blend of smart phone and laptop. What is too small and awkward on the phone (eg, reading and writing with the virtual keyboard, surfing on non-customized pages), Tab works splendidly.
Although a laptop is also intended for mobile use, to transport and especially for me, "Couch-appropriate" and also more difficult because a lot heavier, bigger and more complicated in use (eg not so long battery life). My Iconia I can always take it easy and surf, check email, read eBooks and if I feel like it, play high quality games. The price is m.M. justified - whether you need a tablet, or it looks just as expensive toys?Also has to decide individually.Source

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