Sondag, 14 April 2013

Smart phone and tablet

An industry official has stated that smart phone and tablet users in the UK have been making the most of mobile broadband services through downloads.

It has been claimed that the huge demand in mobile downloads amongst users of smart phones and tablets has taken mobile broadband providers by surprise, with many stating that they were not expecting such demand for services in such as short period of time. The availability and popularity of smart phones and tablets has resulted in more and more people using mobile broadband services, and this demand has surprised the industry.

Over the past twelve months the demand for mobile broadband is said to have soared as more people carry out downloads on their tablets and their smart phones. The major growth over the past twelve months was unexpected according to one industry official. He stated: “I think the providers have been slightly surprised by the amount of bandwidth that people are consuming and we’ve seen that change over the past year in terms of terms and conditions and the tariffs.”

The sale of smart phone and tablets is set to continue increased, with more and more people getting their hands on the latest smart phone or one of the tablets on the market. The level of streaming media will also increased in line with this, which will see the demand for mobile broadband continue to increase.

This could spell bad news for mobile broadband users who rely on these services for business, as the increase in demand means that capacity will be squeezed further, and until 4G services are rolled out this could cause a lower quality service for users. Source

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