Vrydag, 05 April 2013

ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 8GB

Good price / performance, I have a tablet for a week now and a lot of testing. I think I can therefore judge the product. Many compare the product with the iPad, which makes the insights but something is broken, as the Android operating system works quite differently than the Mac world. One should not compare two different operating systems together, so here I discuss only the technical stuff. I also think that Android has many advantages over the Mac. This was also the reason why I've bought this tablet.  I also own an iPad.

Tablet for yourself:
+ The Archos has a few ports such as USB or HDMI. His memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card. This all goes with the iPad not what a student is a little annoying if you want to transfer files via USB. Before now, but will protest: This is of course a matter of opinion, but an advantage to have NO USB input, there are no guarantees.
+ The battery life is very very good. After 12 hours of use I arrived at 5% (Wi-Fi always on). The shutdown of the tablet is not necessary because it is in standby (darken the screen) is eating almost no power.
+ The pad responds well to my commands. Some write here the opposite, but I think it's just a matter of practice if you have never used a capacitive touchscreen.
+ The performance is great. I have yet another Android pad, but this is faster wide (despite its that I just paid a lot for the other). Videos are really good and fluid, and the player plays from liquid rock. I had previously seen only in a few pads. And certainly not in the price range
+ The stand is a "WOW" effect. It is tiring to constantly keep a pad in his hand. By foot you can sit there comfortably as you see best. If the pad is not even used, so the foot can also intended to use as a digital picture frame.The built-in function for this is really great
+ Of course, this goes for all Android operating systems: But the selection of apps is huge. You can adjust the pad as you want it. If one player does not like the gallery, invites you down a new one. If one does not like the keyboard, no problem. There are thousands. It is therefore not dependent on use what is installed from the start. That's the positive side of an open operating system. This is not the iPad. You can only install this new apps that do not change but the handling.
+ Skype works great, thanks to the built-in webcam.

I could list many things, but I think that's enough for a general overview.
Here, briefly, what is not so pretty:
- The display is angle dependent. If we get it wrong, then the image is too dark. This is the iPad, too, but the Archos something stronger. For myself, no problem, as I look on it anyway from the front (like most people)
- The display reflects. But this is the disease of all pads. The iPad is reflected even more, which is the main reason for me not to take him outside. When the Archos but keeps within

All in all, I think that my money is well spent at the pad. It runs really well and I think so far nothing that should make it worse than the original. The Android software gives it even a plus.
Strong buy recommendation from me! Source

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